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OTC 4221 Hydraulic Flow Tester

OTC 4221 Hydraulic Flow Tester

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OTC 4221 Hydraulic Flow Tester
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Product Overview
    OTC 4221 Hydraulic Flow Tester

    Hydraulic Flow Tester 75 GPM hydraulic oil flow tester accurately measures oil flow, temperature, and pressures against manufacturers’ specifications. Troubleshoot hydraulic circuits and isolate faulty components on mobile equipment, machine tools, fork lifts, agricultural and industrial tractors, and equipment (open or closed) hydraulic systems with capabilities up to 75 GPM at pressures to 5,000 PSI. Model includes features such as an automatic pressure compensating load valve that lets you increase flow without affecting the pressure settings. Temperature flow and RPM readings are displayed in metric or English, and accurate to within plus or minus 2% of full scale. Each tester is protected by a safety disc, which ruptures automatically if pressures exceed the upper limits. No. 4221 – 75 GPM hydraulic circuit tester. Comes with two pressure gauges and three 9-volt batteries.
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